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September 2019

[Monday Evening] Dorian Stalled in Bahamas; Life-Threatening Impacts Expected All Along Southeast US Coast this Week

   Posted by Levi at 5:45pm on September 2, 2019




  • Hurricanez says:

    Great blog, needs some more Sonny Eliot style commentary though.

  • Anonymous says:

    The steering from the gulf side of Florida pushing south makes me wonder if that could possibly influence it west of it stays stationary for more than a day

    • Yrral says:

      The government give an official weather update every hour, if people bought a weather radio ,they can follow the track of Dorian, with relative information,instead all outdated info

  • Dano says:

    Excellent presentation, thanks so much.

  • Danielle Hollywood says:

    Stellar Levi! Poor BAHAMAS… Everyone is ready for Dorian to GO… I want to help the BAHAMAS, can you IMAGINE what they went through. Seen video of isn’t pretty! I’m so glad models are shifting!!! Stay safe EVERYONE, AND STAY OUT OF THE WATER!!

  • Angie says:

    No new video tonight? it’s only showing last nights video

    • DaleJ says:

      When I clicked on the “Monday” video, the audio from the video from last night started playing, even though the video was new. Weird. I reloaded the page and then it worked correctly.

  • Anonymous says:

    I swear the 8pm satellite looks like it actually wobbled south

  • J says:

    Speechless for the Bahamas. In shock. Dorian and Levi go into the history books. Dorian for delivering hell on earth, and Levi for being the voice of reason no matter how bad the news Dorian delivered.

  • Anonymous says:

    The amount of wind and water Grand Bahama is dealing with , it is just so sad

  • Chris Terry says:

    Thank you, Levi. I searched madly for you, because I couldn’t recall your name from the last time I was concerned about a hurricane. I finally stumbled into you on twitter, and I’m grateful. You’re bookmarked now, so I won’t have to hunt for you again. Grateful.

  • Jim Gilpin says:

    Great Analysis. Now that your evening forecast and Chris Parker’s morning forecast have lined up, I’m feeling better on the track up to Hilton Head. Thanks for what you are doing for us…Great Job!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for the excellent, professional reports! Savannah, Ga

  • RP says:

    What a pleasure to hear undramatic wx presentation. Ur analyses are cogent and helpful.

  • Dustin says:

    Great commentary. Amazing how much info you pack in to 10 minutes. I figure the computer models account for this (I’m not a meteorologist). But if the storm is weakening due to ocean upwelling, is there a chance it could strengthen again once it moves north into 85F waters? I wonder how solid the models are on this given how few storms are this powerful.

  • Anonymous says:

    Outstanding work. Thank you sir!

    This storm event is like being stalked by a turtle!

  • Bill T. says:

    Are you saying “h-worf”? What does that mean? Jargon glossary appreciated.

  • Dave says:

    Levi – thank you for your excellent commentary leading up to and throughout this nightmare event for the Bahamas.

    While the surge flooding has obviously been devastating, has the location of the stalling in that bay off the north shore kept the worst of the eyewall winds out of the most populated part of Freeport? What are the maximum sustained winds that have been experienced in the main city area, which looks about 20-25 statute miles SW of the centre of today’s wobbling eye?

    Thanks for your continued efforts.

  • hammertyme1 says:

    Great commentary Levi I really appreciate You’re expertise and your professionalism on these matter’s( hurricanes) God please have mercy on the Bahamas🙏🏻 and everyone in the United States…🙏🏻 Thank you Jesus


  • Joseph says:

    I’m having problems seeing this moving drastically north, missing a lot of Florida. I still hear that a large hurricane can move fast when turning, they turn slowly.

  • Cglrcng says:

    May just be a wobble but think not, Dorian eye started collapsing, went from annular to
    A strange smaller shape and lifted north by northwest movement it appears. We may have liftoff Houston… Next stop a visit near Cape Canaveral maybe? Let us only hope it is movement north, the Bahamians have had much more than they ever deserved of Damian’s punishing blows!

    • Austin E says:

      Eye wall is collapsing until it takes a nice swig of that hot water in the gulf stream soon! Hoping it doesn’t follow the icon wind models.. the Bahamas are basically uninhabitable now 😔 it’s so sad and crazy seeing and just knowing how many loved ones people lost. One of the worst hurricanes in a very long time.

  • Mozelle says:

    Levi. Your work wi the models is wonderful. Very clearly explained, which is refreshing. I just don’t understand why the live feed from the Bahamas looks so calm. It’s looked like a very mild storm for the past three day each time I checked. Please have a look.

  • John says:

    Thank you for a calm, factual report. Obviously, you aced meteorology but failed drama and sound effects. Even so, slow the voice down a bit, use fewer words to avoid monotone. Well done.

    • Gordon Richards says:

      Beg to differ. Lost of us like the calming effect of his ‘monotone” narrative; which is exactly why I like his video blogs.

  • Windermere says:

    You give us more information and understanding in less than 10 minutes than all the weather “ experts”. Thank you so much!

  • Weather girl says:

    Love your weather knowledge and the way you present. I am tired of the “dramatic” meteorologists on tv. I mean the wind and rain outside is no more than a summer afternoon storm in South Florida, but somehow the meteorologist have it as a devastating rain coming through.
    My heart goes out to our Bahama neighbors. Dorian, you need to go so we can help our friends out there get their lives back together.

  • Gordon Richards says:

    I would love to see the Florida Legislature effect a special resolution to provide significant financial aid to assist in the reconstruction the Bahamas.

    A big part of Florida’s good fortune came at the expense of Dorian’s two day delay in westward movement. That delay in westward movement resulted in the near total destruction of the northern parts of the Bahamas. We owe them something for their suffering.

    • James Sabol says:

      We should definitely help they are devastated beyond anything I’ve EVER seen before. And American tourism including Disney is dependent on the Bahamas for their commerce. Help them immediately!!!

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