[Thursday Evening] Storm Forming in Gulf of Mexico; Storm Surge Flooding Threat to Western Florida

   Posted by Levi at 7:14pm on October 17, 2019




  • Sabine says:

    Thanks for your extremely informative analysis of this storm. As usual, I base all my storm “activities” on your reporting…being in Pensacola on the water I like to have the best possible information available, and have found you are it!!!
    Thanks for your time that you devote to this effort!

  • Anonymous says:

    THannnnnnnk you Levi,

  • Robert says:

    Is there any models that bring landfall further south..say Sarasota? Can the storm steer ene rather than ne ?

  • Horacio says:

    Nice to have you back Levi. I saved this link for you, maybe you already know about it’s content. You’re going to get some new information sources! :
    As always thank you from a very sunny and hot Caribbean!

  • Dave G. says:

    Thanks Levi, always excellent analysis.

  • clay says:

    Thanks from the Tampa area. I’ve been looking for an update the past few days when I first saw this storm marked as a potential.

  • John K Espy says:

    I’m here in Tallahassee, will you be giving an update here soon about the track, effects, and timeline of this disturbance here soon?

  • Scott says:

    Please revise, Looks like the low pressure in Texas has push the depression due east toward Tampa and has rotation.

  • Fred77 says:

    Thanks levi – Very complete and as of saturday morning right on the mark …

  • Magix says:

    Nice blog.
    Keep it going!

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