Tropical Storm Fay Forms – Will Bring Heavy Rains to Mid-Atlantic and New England Friday & Saturday

   Posted by Levi at 7:05pm on July 9, 2020




  • sam hill says:

    Thx Levi !!! May still schedule a bbq for Friday evening here
    on the east side of the Chesapeake. Great job, your effort is appreciated

  • Janet Katz says:

    Thanks Levi. Funky Fay!

  • Ann says:

    Thanks Levi. Appreciate your update tonight.

  • Edmund says:

    A marvelous educational explanation of the weather that documents what is happening, what might happen, and why the weather could go one direction or another. Thank you Levi, virtually every time I watch your blog talk I learn something new about how these storms work, your detailed explanations are very good.

  • LIB says:

    Hoping the rainfall stays on the lower end of the guidance… especially when fay makes her way into the more mountainous regions of new york, vermont, and new hampshire. Recent memories of tropical and subtropical systems in these areas remain painful reminders of the effects of these systems even hundreds of miles from the coastline.

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