TD19 Forms East of Florida; Paulette a Significant Threat to Bermuda

   Posted by Levi at 7:28pm on September 11, 2020




  • Anna Ebeling says:

    Thank you, Levi! Very informative and ckear!

  • sam hill says:

    Thx for spending some Friday night time building the update. Timely and concise as always. And definitely appreciated, Dr. C

  • Hglman says:

    Any insight into why no models picked up on this?

  • Cat says:

    Watching 95L and hoping it turns toward the north instead of continuing on a westward track!

  • ren says:

    The high in northwest from Bermuda pushes the hurricane south.

  • ICader says:

    This track kind of resembles Katrina in a way.
    Hopefully the intensity remains fairly low.
    It looks like TD 19’s been trending more south (rather than going west across mainland Florida, it really only hit the Keys and a bit of Miami), probably because of that other area of low pressure to its west in the Gulf.
    Just hypothesizing, if that area is moving south over the next few days, then won’t it pull TD 19 out west more, and have it target Louisiana more than the FL Panhandle?
    Any insights on other steering currents influencing the current cone?

  • Joey B. says:

    Sally is a concern to Slidell, Louisiana?

  • G says:

    Will Sally cross any of the Gulf of Mexico Water that was cooled from upwelling from Hurricane Laura?

  • Cori Levitt says:

    That was a very quality update! My first time to this site. Appreciate the information! I love in Nola and am watching it closely tonight. Thanks again!

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