Tropical Depression #22 Forms in the Gulf of Mexico; Hurricane Teddy to Threaten Bermuda and Canada Next Week

   Posted by Levi at 8:09pm on September 17, 2020




  • Bav says:

    This will be an interesting scenario…

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank u for your detailed and insightful reports.

  • Jake says:

    We experienced Round 1 of TD 22.
    Everything is off shore now.

    I expect a similar set up for the next few days.

  • ren says:

    Is North America is prepared to La Nina?
    SOI Dashboard
    Latest Southern Oscillation Index values
    SOI values for 18 Sep, 2020
    Average SOI for last 30 days 9.72
    Average SOI for last 90 days 5.91
    Daily contribution to SOI calculation 12.84
    Monthly average SOI values
    Jun -9.13
    Jul 4.25
    Aug 8.39

  • ren says:

    The influx air from the north (jetstream 500 hPa) can mean snow in the eastern side of Teddy in Canada.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tropical Cyclone Tim really dissipated after spitting out high winds of nonsense lol. I wonder what its remnants became?

  • Bav says:

    This situation was REALLY unexpected. 4 tropical systems and Alpha about to make landfall in Portugal as a subtropical Storm? Really weird.

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