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June 2021

Watching a Tropical Disturbance in the Southern Gulf of Mexico

   Posted by Levi at 4:35pm on June 12, 2021




  • Dale Leonard says:

    Congratulations on your new lifestyle – I hope things are going well for you! Glad you are still keeping us informed – you are, by far, the best!!

  • Suzanne says:

    How possible is it to be a tropical storm?

    • Levi says:

      Right now the National Hurricane Center is giving it a 40% chance of becoming a tropical or subtropical cyclone within the next 5 days, and I generally agree with those odds right now.

  • Wyatt H. says:

    Congratulations Levi!

  • Damon says:

    Congrats Levi!
    Glad to see your first video of the 2021 Hurricane Season. You know the weather!!! Love watching your videos.

  • Samantha says:

    This Texas lady loves your reports. You give the best, most explanatory information in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. You sound great in the deciding. We appreciate the time you take in making these videos especially now living far away.

  • Suzanne says:

    So glad we have weather blogs again,I’m from the WU group, Mr.Levi, you help us here on the Gulf Coast stay informed with facts,and not tv hype! I truly appreciate your site!

  • George says:

    Great to hear your voice and see your blog, which has been a fantastic source of information in SW FL. Thanks for continuing to take the time to help keep us safe. Best wishes in HI.

  • Ossqss says:

    Thanks for the post Levi!

    Glad to hear the new Gig is working out well. Congrat’s on that too. Looks like you cut off a couple thousand miles and many hours on the trip back home, compared to Miami 🙂

  • Stan says:

    Good to have you back. Mahalo !

  • Suzanne says:

    When would this Gulf system get to tropical storm strength of it were to? Are Gulf condtions very favorable, and where is the blocking high?

  • Melissa M says:

    Thank you Levi for your informative on time weather news. We moved to Pensacola in 2020 and luckily I found you on YouTube. You prepared us for the likelihood of getting hit by Sally, when everyone else was saying it was hitting to the west. I listened to you and prepared. Made it thru my first hurricane just fine, thanks to you.

  • gene reed says:

    Welcome back and congratulations!

    Luck to you at the new locale.

    As always, appreciate your insights.


  • Andrew says:


    Congratulations on the new job and living situation. You have always been my go to for the best weather updates and precise information, without all the nonsense in-between. I follow you and Mike’s Weather Page. He is amazing as well, but a lot of it is drawn out. You have always been so professional, and love the fact that you draw on the screen to show exactly what it is you are talking about. Look forward to following you this season and will continue to send people to your site. I applaud 👏 you.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Levi. Love keeping up during the season with you. Appreciate you very much!

  • DW says:

    Thanks so much for continuing to do this! This is now my seventh hurricane season since moving to the Gulf Coast, and your videos are absolutely the best in providing insight into what’s going on!

  • CATHY says:

    Congratulations on your move to Hawaii! Which island are you on?
    It’s so beautiful there. Such diverse ecosystems even on the same island. Truly is a paradise. Thank you as always for your videos and I don’t mind a bit if they are in the middle of the night lol! Your explanation of all the variables is a learning process for me so I appreciate you. Many hugs and blessings sent your way. I’m so envious of the grass fed beef hamburger over there. Weird ain’t I? Take care and enjoy life.

  • Jon says:

    And away we go ! Very nice to hear you again and congratulations on the relocation. We relied on your measured logical approach in forecasting a very busy 2020 season here on the Southern gulf coast. You are always on the money, far and away the best I have found. Wish you success in Hawaii.

  • donna says:

    hey Levi. congratulations on your move and much success!

    it is so comforting to hear your voice, thank you for continuing to do this for us here in the Gulf.

    just fyi, your post came through at 4:35 our time. I remember last year you posted about 8pm our time. just giving you a comparison in case it helps with the time change.



  • Loye says:

    We’re all tuned back in to the most professional and “fluff free” tropical information. I hope you enjoy your new job and place to live.
    I’m assuming your new job is weather related….

  • BZ says:

    congratz on your new assignment at the JTWC. Did you join the Navy? Enjoy life in paradise. It’s been great to follow your journey through the years, now decades. Aloha!

  • Eric says:

    Thanks Levi! Congrats on your new assignment. It’s hurricane season and I am back on your website. Do what you can with video outputs. I hope you enjoy Hawaii!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Levi, congrats on your job, sounds like what your doing is your passion, and if so your a blessed man. I want to thank you, I am semi retired, part time live aboard on my 37 ft. sailboat, here in Sarasota Fl.

    Accurate weather forecasting is priceless for keeping my ship and its crew ( me ), safe. I cant thank you enough for your hard work and sharing the info with us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you,

    Here’s to a short boring hurricane season,

    Mad Respect,

    Pop’s AKA Capt. Crabby, according to me daughter….

  • Elizabeth B. says:

    Thank you again, Levi! Any chance a new video will be posted in the next day or so as the NHC has upped the chances for development to 70% in 5 days. Watching from the FL Panhandle.
    Thanks for all you do!

    • Wyatt H. says:

      Same here. Looks like very heavy rainfall, rough surf, and potentially elevated wind gusts are all possible.

  • Gail H says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to help us out over here on the Gulf Coast. I have been following you for years and always recommend your site to others.
    Wishing the very best for your career and life in Hawaii. So grateful you will continue providing your clear and detailed information on storms in our region!

  • Greg M says:


    I always knew you would have a great career in Meteorology! I believe you have the perfect intellect and composure for synoptic forecasting. My path in life took me a different direction from that endeavour; but we’re blessed to have people like you to keep us informed. Looking forward to future reports!

    Best Regards,

    WX Hatt

  • Lisa says:

    Levi, I am looking at the latest Satellite and it looks like the heavist convection has moved slighly inland. Is there a possibility that the movement norhward could start closer to Mexico and therefore bring it farther inland through there and up the Texas coast? It doesn’t look like we are going to be able to tell where this thing is going until there is some sort of formation. Doesn’t look like much right now.

  • David S. says:

    Hawaii? Congratulations!

    I recall your days in AK, then FL…you do get around!

    Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication…and for content that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

    Keep up the videos for us, if you can…we do rely on you here on the Gulf Coast of FL.

    Would you mind if I asked what type of job you have taken? They are lucky to have you.

    Stay safe and God bless.

  • Harrykane says:

    Thank You Levi for the best tropical updates on the net.Always look forward to them. Great to hear no nonsense no hype reporting with your great grasp on tropical weather. Good luck with your new job. Hope your pay reflects your extensive knowledge of weather

  • Susan says:

    Good to have you back and starting the hurricane season with something to talk about. I will follow you as usual from the island of Bonaire.

    Congratulations on your move. Bet that is an interesting story.

  • David says:

    I am with the others Levi, I wish you the best on your new adventure.
    You have been the man I turn to. I have shared many of your reports with our employees at work. Living here on the Texas coast, good information is valuable. You explain tropical weather with intelligence and passion. Much appreciated indeed.
    David in Texas
    Take care Levi!

  • Mbz says:

    Congratulations on the new gig.
    Much appreciate your efforts.

  • Chris says:

    Congratulations, Levi.
    You are the best there is!

    I give out your website more than my own business.
    That’s trust…

  • jenny says:

    Congrats Levi!
    Always look forward to your videos!! Hopefully not as busy of a year for us here in SE Texas.
    Enjoy Hawaii…what fun!!

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