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September 2022

[Wednesday] Hurricane Ian Bringing Catastrophic Impacts to Southwest Florida

   Posted by Levi at 12:28pm on September 28, 2022




  • Mel Harris says:

    Sir – you report is so dearly needed by sailors facing storms like these. I and my mates are so impressed with your forecast and wait for each one to know more than we get on TV. We salute you Sir and thanks so much. We done indeed.

  • Dave says:

    Dr. Cowan, it’s a shame people do not understand the true function and intent of the service you provide. I, too, am a meteorologist and having worked in south Florida for years. Your blog is the best synoptic overview of tropical system when they become active and your service is of incredible value. You explained perfectly at the end of this latest video. I hope those who hide under the banner of anonymity won’t be allowed to ruin things for the vast majority of us. Be well.

  • Michele says:

    We have been following you through the inception of Tropical Tidbits during the graduate student years, Levi, to your present position. You are admired and respected by intelligent meteorologists, who refer to your analyses without fail. Those of us lay folk who are savvy enough to understand how complex your detailed reports are and what skill it takes to develop and publish them, marvel at your expertise. Thank you for all the years of a truly brilliant sharing of knowledge; you are already an icon in your field.

  • Matt says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster, first time Patron contributor. Worth every dime sir.

  • Jackie says:

    Well, good luck to all in Ian’s path. Not much more to say here except thank you.

  • Liinda says:

    I have been following you for many years and your expertise is what I count on in SE Florida for complex weather systems with complete and transparent accuracy. You are my “go to” expert when in harms way and all your hard work and efforts are truly appreciated. Thank you for all you do for us.

  • william j white says:

    You made Drudge Report….You will be running this whole meteorology gig before too long. Been a silent watcher for several years. Great to hear a non sensational scientific report. Just the facts sir.

  • Rich Knoles says:

    Dave nailed it. I’m a Regular guy. Your insights allow me to turn off the tv and get real info. Thanks, Dr. Cowan

  • John Connaughton says:

    For the last 5 hours, 5pm to 10pm on 9/28, it has steadily tracked NE and a little S of the official track. Also, even though they keep reporting 8mph, it seems to be tracking across the state faster than they anticipated. Oh and as of 9pm, it seemed to drop to Cat 2, even though they are not announcing it. This is all from Weather Underground Tracking Map, which is nice, you can zoom into an area of interest.

  • Elliott says:

    Thank you, sir

  • slope io says:

    So good luck to everyone who is in Ian’s way.

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