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August 2023

[Tuesday] Idalia Strengthening on Approach to Florida; Major Impacts Expected

   Posted by Levi at 12:53pm on August 29, 2023




  • Norm (from Ft. Myers) says:

    Thanks Levi, you’re forecast is the best and most appreciated. I come back to your website year after year after year. You are the most informative source of hurricane info next to NOAA.

  • Jack says:

    Live on the East Coast of Florida. You have kept me updated on storms effecting Florida. My go to site. Thanks for your time and effort.

  • Darren says:

    You were highly recommended by Denis Phillips, ABC’s Chief Meteorologist locally, who is adored and respected well beyond West Central FL. Great updates, Levi.

    Hunkered Down in St Pete

  • gray jimbo says:

    I come here multiple times a day and this is the most accurate website besides the NHC or JTWC.

  • Loraine A McCosker says:

    Thank you for this clear and explanatory broadcast.

  • chris evans says:

    Thanks for the clear forecasts without hysteria. An excellent approach to the subject of Hurricanes. Your reasoned perspective is appreciated this time of year.

  • Garrett says:

    You are the best I have ever followed on tropical weather systems! Thank you!

    Just one question as I wonder why it seams the dangerous Semi-circle of the hurricanes are not mentioned very often in forecasts? Thank you for your website and what you do.

  • BeachFoxx says:

    Thank you Levi!

  • Brandon says:

    Thanks for the awesome videos and updates regarding this storm Levi! I live about an hour north of Valdosta, GA where conditions will definitely be in the neighborhood of tropical storm severity. Your work and passion for tropical systems is much appreciated!

  • gray jimbo says:

    Pressure on hurricane Idalia is down to 965 so now a CAT 3! This is not good! Pressure is down to 965 according to @RyanHallY’all on Youtube! The aircraft recon is telling the RyanHallY’all team that the pressure is down to 965 millibars. For those in Florida, you need to move inland, this is no joke!!

  • Frank D says:

    Thank you, once again, Levi, for your detailed analysis and model coverage.
    It looks like our county on the east coast of FL will be spared from direct wind impacts, as it tracks more westerly; but we may still suffer from storm surge, directly on the Gulf Coast. Fingers crossed for all those in the path and the storm surge areas..

  • Edijak says:

    Best I have ever seen and have been following you for over 6 years. Have referred your site to multiple neighbors and they ALL think you are the best without the hysteria, just as factual as one can be wj=hen it comes to tropical storms and Hurricanes

  • Joseph B. says:

    This will be either a category 4, or 5 at landfall.

  • Joseph B. says:

    People tend to focus on the wind speed. What many do not realize is Hurricanes push, and pull a wall of water in front, and behind it. Hurricanes are mostly tidal waves inundating everything in front, and behind it.

  • Jeffrey W says:

    Thank you Levi for maintaining this site and all you do. I appreciate that you put so many different model guidance and ensembles on display for us to evaluate. With this latest storm Idalia, the predictions were very accurate and made things much less chaotic here. A huge thank you, I have been following Tropical Tidbits for several years, pretty much since we moved to Florida.

  • It doesn't matter says:

    Thank you Levi for all that you do. We are expecting flooding in coastal NC from Idalia. This morning the federal government decided to do some cloud seeding (again) right before a storm. This creates major issues with flooding and I have evidence when they did this in the past. I took pictures. I just don’t get government interference – they keep blaming the weather events on climate change but they have been tampering with weather since the 1960’s to weaponize it (I think agent orange in Vietnam was the very beginning). Perhaps they think it’s fun experimenting on small communities. At some point there has to be accountability. Its incredibly frustrating and I am sharing here because I believe others who are unaware should be paying attention to the skies.

    • isitbs says:

      If you have proof of this, please send links to your photographs, with undeniable proof that this was the work of the govt. Otherwise, there is no way to confirm any of your claims.

  • Katie says:

    Thank you Levi for your informative videos. I live in south Florida so every year I am watching your videos to understand what going on with the storms brewing. Your calm, informative delivery is just what I need to make my decisions during our storm preparation. I’ve come to enjoy your informative videos so much that I will watch them about storms not even coming my way just to learn more about how different things affect the storm development.

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