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August 2013

92L Over the Yucatan – Unlikely to Strengthen Much in the Gulf of Mexico, But Will Send Heavy Rain Northward

   Posted by Levi at 9:09pm on August 15, 2013

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  • stefanie says:

    Thanks Levi. Fascinating as always. I’m still hoping whatever becomes of this it drags rain across TX although Louisiana and MX need it too.

  • Robert Hill says:

    Thank you – I respect your views more than any other. I have been telling everyone about you for several years. I live in Biloxi, Ms and work as a risk mgr for a casino. Hurricanes are part of my life. I have been through Camille, Katrina, Georges, Fredric, and all the others that came this way. I know what they can do and know how important good info is. I also worked awhile in Samoa and been through one in the south pacific. As a child went through several in Japan while my dad was stationed there.

    Again, Ever since i first read your comments on Dr. Masters blog I have been a huge fan of yours. I am sure you are going to be one of the top hurricane experts in the future. Now that you spent some time around tornados i expect you to venture into them as well. Best of wishes for you. Thanks, Robert

  • Sherry says:

    Great update, Levi. I always enjoy your vid updates, for you are so precise and enunciate so clearly. And, of course, your information is always very clear, no matter the level of weather knowledge that a person may have. Thanks much for these updates, for I know that it is quite time-consuming for you to do them.

  • kwarren says:

    Thank you Levi!
    Here in NOLA.
    Get hyper viligant this time of year
    Your youtube video eases some of the stress!

  • harry kane says:

    Great info Levi!! Thank You

  • Tom Emmons says:

    This morning it looks like the convection has flared up north east of Yucatan. Does anything change?

  • Capt Bill says:

    Levi – after a near miss in 2008 by TS Edouard while fishing 125 miles off the coast of Texas I am always looking for better offshore / coastal weather analysis / prediction tools and really appreciate your insight and updates. Keep up the great work.

    Captain Bill

  • CapeFearCaner says:

    Thanks for the update Levi, and I agree. Although we’ve had a few performers that took the stage and really didn’t amount to much,it now seems that the real orchestra has been assembled over in africa and the concert is about to begin!

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