[November 21] Tropical Depression Sixteen Forms – A Threat to Nicaragua and Costa Rica

   Posted by Levi at 3:18pm on November 21, 2016

Tropical Depression Sixteen has formed in the SW Caribbean. Convection around the circulation is relatively modest at the moment, perhaps due to dry, cool air draining toward the system from the north, which may limit TD16 to only slow intensification for a couple of days. Thereafter, the environment may improve, and TD16 could intensify more quickly, and the National Hurricane Center expects it to become a hurricane by Thursday. A strong steering ridge to the north will likely eventually push TD16 westward toward Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but it will be slow to do so, giving TD16 a few days over water to strengthen. Thus, interests in Central America in Nicaragua and Costa Rica should pay close attention to this system.




  • Gilbert Gregg says:

    Why is there a 2016 track for TS Otto embedded?

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