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August 2017

[Friday] Harvey Impacting Lesser Antilles; Likely to Impact Central America Next Week

   Posted by Levi at 2:31pm on August 18, 2017




  • Brant DeLaune says:

    As always, appreciate your insight – especially at this time of year when things are heating up.

    One question. I’ve seen a little discussion elsewhere about the convection on the back side of that huge low pressure zone off the tip of Florida and whether it could decouple itself from the low and spin up in the gulf. Is that a reasonable concern, or just likely to be a rain event early next week?

    • FishOutofWater aka George says:

      The big upper low near Florida has a very dry core on water vapor imagery. Don’t worry about it.

  • Carol Mahler says:

    Thank you for your updates, Levi. They are excellent. We here in FL watch the tropics all season, but these next few months tend to be the perilous ones! Much appreciate your work!

  • Dennis Howard says:

    Levi, I’m relatively new to your blog and greatly appreciate your observations and explanations about tropical weather patterns. I have a background in science, but not meteorology; the descriptions and nuances you provide in your videos really help me understand which systems I need to pay attention to for potential impacts in north Florida. Thanks for your great work!

  • Visioen says:

    Someone knows what the orange zones on the map are?

    Great explanation btw.

  • eaudree96 says:

    Thanks again…

  • harrycane says:

    thank you Levi

  • Vinny Findley says:

    Hi Levi,

    I’m leaving on a cruise 09/01 out of Boston to Bermuda. What dose this area of the Atlantic look like for this time frame?


    • Levi says:

      Hi Vinny, September 1 is still a long way off, and it’s really impossible to know whether a hurricane could threaten a given area more than several days in advance. I would just keep an eye on the tropical weather outlook from the National Hurricane Center up until your departure date. It will let you know if there is tropical activity expected within 5 days, so start looking at it on August 27th.

  • Jes Seda says:

    Hello Levi … I greatly appreciate your time and contribution to this labor of love it appears. I am surfer who is learning and researching more of this kind of forecasting so I know where and when to be at a particular area for swell. My primary spot is Emerald Isle, NC but will travel between the Carolina’s. Thank you!

  • Greg goodman says:

    levi I have been following you for years.I want to know what do you think the rest of this hurricane season means for the northern gulf coast.Levi I like the way you tell the weather.

  • Paul Robison says:

    Levi, do you think Harvey will strike the upper Texas coast. I know there’s always a chance, but do you feel it likely?

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