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July 2019

Future Barry a Dangerous Flooding Threat to Lower Mississippi Valley

   Posted by Levi at 8:35pm on July 10, 2019




  • Wyatt says:

    What are the potential wind impacts for Pensacola, Florida

    • Anonymous says:

      little. We are good. Maybe a tornado threat in the outer bands once this system gets set up and maybe a flood threat from a training band but we will not see any large scale winds from Barry as the current forecast shows.

  • Cody Miller says:

    Levi. Does a more rapidly developing Barry mean a more westward treck

  • Tim Tuggle says:

    Is there any way to factor in the loop current in your analysis? Any impact on Barry?

  • Eddie Allen says:

    great job

  • Anonymous says:

    Any chance that Biloxi, MS will be affected? We are planning a trip to the casinos this weekend and was wondering if we should canncel.

  • dukeev says:

    dukeev says head over to tigerdroppings OT lounge. Pretty much everyone already copying what you say already. These young PUNK td ams wanna be Mets need to watch out. Buzzwords there are stacking, model consensus, agreement, solution, and as many other jargon words that make drama queens
    Looking for some weather drama think they have inside tips from good meteorologists.

    Let’s be real Levi. The vast majority of meteorologists are not very smart. They can’t do much more than repeat summaries and post model predictions.
    You on the other hand have the gift.

    You should have your own tv channel
    Not just YouTube
    You give explanations for everything
    You are a weather magician
    Those bums like tdngumbo and Duke and even Rdc
    A little just aren’t on your level. Get wit us and you’ll be a hero.

    This is dukeev with YouTube weather.

    • Geoff PR says:

      “You are a weather magician”

      No magic, Mr. Levi lays it out and *explains* what’s going on, like an excellent teacher would…

  • Anonymous says:

    “Convective Clump” – great name for a band.

  • Joey B says:

    I had a person tell me this is like 1957 Hurricane Audrey? Or, my thoughts 1992 Hurricane Andrew, or 1997 Hurricane Danny? Morgan City, or Grand Isle? New Orleans would be on the eastern wet side of the tropical system?

    • Joey B. says:

      The smaller less forceful versions of the systems after they made landfall in Louisiana. I only think this will be a flooding, & rain event.

  • Wyatt says:

    How large will the storm be?

  • Anonymous says:


    Ive watched your videos for years now .. many years .. and you continue to improve and fine tune your discussion and learning. Your most recent 2 videos on soon-to-be Barry are the best youve released yet – the amount of analysis and synthesis you cram into 10 minutes is nothing short of phenomenal.

    Those mass-produced weather media chumps should follow your lead in making complex guidance, patterns, and discussion consumable for the masses.

  • jcalsup21 says:

    The weather go to for me. Media meteorologists are just entertainers. Look forward to bigger and better things!!

    • Wyatt says:

      That is true. And on aircraft recon as of 8:26 AM CDT, there are some green barbs, which means winds over 34 knots or 39 MPH…which means one thing…it is now a tropical storm.

    • Joey B. says:

      Networks make money with advertisements, and charge a higher rate when a weather event happens. Hurricanes, and Tropical Storms are money makers. Product promotions is lucrative also.

    • Geoff PR says:

      “Media meteorologists are just entertainers.”

      They *have* to be entertainers. If the audience changes channels, the viewership that pays their salaries goes away.

      The fact of the matter is, the best teachers in education are entertainers as well. It keeps the students engaged and paying attention to the subject matter. That makes them more likely to actually learn what is being taught…

  • Wyatt says:

    Its now barry

  • Joey B says:

    My latest observation to the untrained eye is, Barry is blossoming, intensification is taking place. Wind, and rain is increasing at landfall within the future effected areas.

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  • Dan Darilek says:

    Geoff PR, couldn’t disagree more. Best teachers I had during all my high school – college years presented the subject and their personal experiences in a structured, learnable way. None of the good ones put on costume and danced or paraded as they lectured. Some good ones: Louis B Irwin, E. E. Liebhofsky, Melvin Doherty, Nell Tucker, Kenneth Johnson.

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