Barry Forms – Major Flooding Threat to Central Gulf States

   Posted by Levi at 7:42pm on July 11, 2019




  • Anonymous says:

    First person

  • John says:

    Thanks Levi, excellent as always.

  • Joey B. says:

    Could Barry have explosive development before landfall? It is intensifying, or blossoming.

    • Wyatt says:

      At this time, that is starting to look less likely because of the northerly shear and some dry air being wrapped into it. However, the impacts will likely be after landfall occurs. My estimate at max is 75 MPH, and there is some slight strengthening. But you should still watch the forecasts, and don’t focus on the center line.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Levi

  • Harry Kane says:

    Thank You Levi, You are appreciated by many of us. Best darn cyclone analysis out there, hands down.

  • George Grady says:

    Is Barry expected to have any effect on the toxic algae blooms currently along the gulf coast off Louisiana and Mississippi?

  • dukeev says:

    Way overblown!!!!!!!! i CaNt believe these media PUMKINS hype it up like a BAllOon

    Not even a real trick StOrm. Just a CluSter of summer tHundeRstOrms. Why we even talking bout that?

    New rules
    CaNt talk tropics unless we got lEgIt hurricane!

    CoMe talk to Us at tigerdRoppings oT louNge!!!!!!

  • Ed Krasousky says:

    Hello Levi…..I really enjoy your detailed descriptions and great presentations. Quick question….is Western PA. Going to deal with remnants of this storm? Once again summer weather is very rainy and miserable. Learning to like 10 degrees and snow……no flash flood warnings. Take care!

  • Anonymous says:

    “The Mesoscale Eddies.” “Anomalous Vorticity.” Two more great band names. You rock, Levi (and your breakdowns for simpletons like me ain’t half bad either). Thank you, sir.

  • Kd4jrx says:

    Rick check out this ASOS wind report @ KMDJ in LA 50kts from south @ 1535z ! Location Mississippi Canyon LA.

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