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August 2019

[Monday Evening] Dorian Approaching Barbados – Future Beyond Caribbean Still Uncertain

   Posted by Levi at 8:32pm on August 26, 2019




  • HarryKane says:

    Thank You Levi once again for conveying your extensive knowledge of tropical cyclones.You put a lot of us at ease. Good to get away from all the hype on local and national tv coverage.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Hey thanks for doing this site. I know a lot of people appreciate it 🙂

  • Victor Fernandez says:

    Thanks Levi excellent explanation.

  • Wakaflockonfleek says:

    In Martinique currently its almost 6am and I haven’t been outside yet but the noise is quite unwelcoming, I have a doctors appointment at 9 haha I guess I underestimated what ‘tropical storm’ means compared to ‘hurricane’ then again I know nothing about meteorology. Reddit brought me here!

  • Kendra Jaen says:

    Thank you for your updates and defailed explanation!
    I’ve been following for the last 4 seasons. You analysis is always accurate and on point!
    Saludos from Puerto Rico!!

  • Brett says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful analysis. This site is my “go to” for the real deal. I get so tired of the hype on most of the other sources. For example, the ridiculous comments section on weather underground. Keep up the good work! You are appreciated.

  • Bug says:

    Hey, Levi. I’ve got oodles of weather websites bookmarked from my years of weather education from fellow members on WU but you’ve been my go-to for the model runs and flight data the last few years. Sure do appreciate it!

  • Jonathan says:

    Levi, always great, thank you

  • Norma & Jim says:

    Thank you for your blog. We follow you, too, here in the Panhandle of FL.

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    Great analysis. Looks like some models taking a shift toward lower rainfall totals in the past 180 days. South Carolina lower on rain totals past 180

  • Joe says:

    Phenomenal website

  • Dan Petersen says:

    Any thoughts on a sling shot affect as this system excellerates westward? Hurricane Andrew comes to mind.

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