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August 2019

[Tuesday Evening] Dorian to Impact Puerto Rico Soon – Threat to Mainland U.S. Later

   Posted by Levi at 8:45pm on August 27, 2019




  • HugeDong says:

    Thanks levi

    Hurricane shutters getting dusted off tomorrow.

  • Ed says:

    Thanks for the info greetings from Puerto Rico

  • Kate Caravella says:

    First time I was here, very informative, thank you!

  • Yellow vest says:

    Looking more and more like a North Carolina landfill

    • DP says:

      Thqnk you Levi, always look forward to watching! You are our first choice when we need unbiased and concise information during hurricane season. Your blog videos are exponentially so much better than major network coverage. Keep up the great work!

  • Renee says:

    Thank you Levi, appreciate all the possible scenarios and WHY things can change.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Levi. You are so smart thanks for sharing

  • Dennis says:

    Your in depth analysis is always much appreciated. Well done!

  • Tony says:

    Long Island Express

  • Winston Mathews says:

    Knuckle ball.

  • JHR says:

    Thanks for the technical information, well presented and explained. I appreciate the unbiased analysis, particularly for TS Dorian when I am away from home in Puerto Rico, where all I see from the news media is hyped summaries. Your blog explaining why the storm kept shifting away from the forecasted track has helped me look at the data with understanding, independent of headlines designed to attract readers/viewers

  • Dale J says:

    Thanks for the report, Levi! Eyes on the storm here in Daytona Beach and I appreciate your insights.

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    Another weakness in total 180 day rainfall besides South Carolina is between Brownsville and Corpus Christi. Noticing energy today on the Permian Basin and South Plains of Texas

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    Also energy and bands thunderstorms in central Fla. moving into parts of south central Fla. from the NW.

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    NWS had temps ahead of Dorian at 29 degrees Celsius. On I am seeing temps up to about 30 degrees Celsius. So about 84.2 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Could get interesting. Already is.

  • Okeetee says:

    Your the best weather site on the internet once again! Here’s my question and need your educated guess:Is there any scenario that has Dorian stalling and becoming a major rain even in the low country of South Carolina? It’s moving at 13 miles per hour which is quite fast and would not dump all that much rain on us. Your observations and comments, please!

  • Anonymous says:

    Great video, fantastic analysis. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    Energy(storms) noted between Corpus Christi and Galveston. Also in the southern Bahamas. Dorian exits St. John

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    And Turks Caicos SE of Bahamas.

  • Daniel Olesen says:

    Already slight history of surprises w Dorian. East of Puerto Rico and Hurricane status ahead of schedule

  • Oceaneyez says:

    I’ve been following Tidbits for a while. I live on a barrier island,
    in front of the NC coastline therefore I watch weather. I have found Levi to be spot on with regards to his forecasts and information. I turn to Levi and Mark at Hurricanetrack for all weather updates and impacts!! Thank you!

    • Salty Dog says:

      On the northern end here of OBX – Levi’s great. I have been sharing with work colleagues who are down in Florida. Too much hype on some of the weather websites. Levi keeps it real.

  • Jessie says:

    Thank you Levi! You rock!! I encourage everyone to look at the red button on the upper right side of your screen…it says “BECOME A PATRON”. You can give just a few dollars a month to help Levi, who in turn, helps all of us:-). He has to pay for this stuff ya know…lol

  • danny Lowe says:

    Will the Noles get to tame the broncos on sat. evening?

  • Richard Walega says:

    The BEST Dorian commentary anywhere! Your analysis burns through the fog

  • Horacio says:

    Thank you Levi, from the Dominican Republic. You are the best!

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