[Friday Evening] TD9 Forms – Primarily Rain-Maker for Northern Bahamas

   Posted by Levi at 8:23pm on September 13, 2019




  • AMD says:

    Levi, I have been a lurker on your website for many years. I look forward to your analysis in every video you post. Thanks for continually making a weather nerds life a little more interesting! Cheers. -AMD

  • J says:

    Lots of activity coming and going in the Gulf and Atlantic. Will keep tuning in for updates. Man I hope we don’t have to pray for Bermuda this time next week. Thanks, Levi.

  • mickey lattimore says:

    Levi, Any guesses why the GFS was so late seeing development here as compared to almost every other reliable or semi-reliable models which all showed a storm.

    May be insignificant, but when we are relying on models today so intensely, particularly the GFS and EURO, I find it interesting to try to understand such nuances…. perhaps we can improve the forecast by understanding the model bias….. guessing that is why taking the “blend” seems pretty accurate.

    Euro + GFS = NHC

    Doing a fine job my friend!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love this site. Thanks for the good work. Can you comment on likelihood of Humberto wobbling towards Bermuda?

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