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September 2019

[Thursday Evening] New Storm Expected to Form Near Bahamas and Florida – Heavy Rain Expected

   Posted by Levi at 5:53pm on September 12, 2019




  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you! These are so helpful and informative!

  • Hans says:

    Trump might have to make a few amendments to the official NHC forecast cone with his Sharpie again. We’ll see. Forecaster-in-chief haha

  • J says:

    At least it won’t be deja vu all over again with 95L in the Bahamas. Thanks, Levi for sharing your considerable teaching gifts to educate the rest of us.

  • Mb says:

    Thank you Levi, you always break it down so we can all understand! Need you on the weather channel!!

  • Jan Devos says:

    I greatly appreciate your information. It sometimes makes me want to throw up, but it would be at least an educated puke. Thank you.

  • Navysurfer says:

    Thank you Levi, your the best. Sailboat owner in Sarasota Fl, weather knowledge is critical for the survival of my good ship.

    Bless the poor souls who were washed to sea with Dorian,

    Sincerely, Pop’s

  • HonusW says:

    Thank you for the education. Love the technical detail about the countervailing theories of possible direction/speed/intensification and weighting of each.

  • Congrats says:


  • Hui, PhD says:

    This system has a great discothe effect on Florida. Do you have the opportunity to discuss further the impact of Dorian on the warm water of shallow water in eastern Florida?
    Thank you very much levi, I really like Wx from China.

  • Capt BillTodd says:

    Thanks Levi! Your site and your information is very appreciated!

  • Wyatt says:

    Will this system find it’s way into the gulf of mexico?

  • Fred77 says:

    Once agin you’ve come through. Congrats on calling Dorian so accurately.

  • yrral says:

    Good news at least the people of area hit hard by Dorian, will be spared any more Damage due to TD9

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