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August 2020

Laura a Serious Threat to Texas and Louisiana; Marco Quickly Decaying

   Posted by Levi at 8:12pm on August 24, 2020




  • Marcie says:

    Thank you for such a really thorough and understandable analysis as always! We are all grateful for you!

  • samhill says:

    Another really great presentation Dr. C. Thank you !!

  • samhill says:

    Once Ms Laura is ashore, and you’ve a cold beer or two and a day off, perhaps you might have time to comment on what the crystal ‘cane ball is prognosticating for the next couple of weeks. Lots of we the peeps wondering about Labor Day. Thanks

  • Nicholas Barlotta says:

    Thanks again, Levi!

  • Jake says:

    Thanks Levi.

    Finally starting to see local governments take action on both sides of the Sabine.

  • Craig says:

    He didn’t mention anything about the remnant L of Marco that is forecast to move West along the coast. What, if any, impact could that have on Laura?

  • ren says:

    Laura can also find hot water in the western Gulf of Mexico.

  • ren says:

    Now the hurricane’s eye moves west along the 22nd parallel.

  • ren says:

    Laura heads northwest.

  • kenn says:

    MARCO ain’t dead! Appears to be regenerating a canopy. There is visible outflow of both MARCO & LAURA colliding, creating vertical cloud top signature visible on radar. Seas below those colliding opposing winds will be monstrous! How high are they? Could this evolve into a Perfect Storm?

    Also, doing the research, LAURA could become another CAMILLE. Very similar past, future could be also. As CAMILLE was making landfall. I was standing along the N. shore of the MISSISSPPI @ Elsah, IL. The River was being pushed up-stream. White Caps also moving up-stream.

  • Greg says:

    In the cloud imagery above, there’s a round round area of clouds in Southwest Texas. What is that phenomenon? What is that called? What causes that?

  • kenn says:

    Is LAURA dividing? N + S eyes? Has this ever occurred before?

  • ren says:

    Now the jet stream falls harder on the Northeast and Laura pushes toward Texas.

  • Spencer Craig says:

    Just because I would like to know, is there any chance that this things goes even further west and comes in around Rockport? Still a little gun shy from Harvey

    • Jake says:

      Don’t think so. I live full time on Matagorda Bay and travelled up to the Upper Texas Coast for the action.

      I think the warnings are perfect.
      Don’t see a landfall South of Brazoria County.

  • kenn says:

    3:09 pm cdt Looks like LAURA has undergone ‘Cell Division’. Upper Spin has an eye, Lower Spin, in contact with Yucatan peninsula i.e. landfall, also appears to be forming an eye. How kool, and rare is this?

  • dirtyharry says:

    today in ftwalton winds were 15 kts from se, this morning but cleared and settled into a perfect beach day, they have kept the double red flags up.
    three hurricane hunter flew into eglin afbase 11:30 since mississippi base had tstorms

  • Wild Bill says:

    Levi is very knowledgeable at explaining the hurricane/tropical storm details to be well informed. I look forward to each video presentation. Thanks Levi!

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