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July 2021
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Hurricane Elsa at a Crossroads; Will Impact Hispaniola, Jamaica, Cuba this Weekend

   Posted by Levi at 8:44pm on July 2, 2021




  • Zina Cerrone says:

    Thank you Dr. Levi! I look forward to your informative updates.

  • Jacqueline Bortzner says:

    Thank you

  • LR says:

    People keep talking about Mike’s Weather, but for this concerned layman’s perspective this analysis is the best, bar none.

    Thank you.

    • Sharon says:

      Levi is the best. Found him about three years ago. Mike is informative. Levi is best.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mike was informative but only repeated information. He didn’t have the ability to do this. Lately Mike has become like the news stations trying to create hype for his page IMO.

  • Nikki says:

    I never thought I would be on Tropical Tidbits so early in the season, but here we are.

    Thank you Dr. Levi, I feel so much more informed after watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise with us!

  • CG says:

    Great info ! You are the guy for storms, Thank you!

  • Amber says:

    I’m learning a lot by watching these!

  • Dale Jensen says:

    Thanks, Levi!

  • Shawn says:

    Hey thanks Levi for another informative video again. Hurricane already this season tell us more about what is to come of this season. Have to go an eye for elsa

  • Gary says:

    Very informative, and easy to follow in laymen’s terms!

  • Alan Welsh says:

    Thanks Levi —
    I also found a link with a lot of consolidated raw data, presented in a way laymen can derive meaning. Significantly, one link from this page shows how all the models have changed in the past few days. Before I listened to your “Elsa: Friday 844PM” just now, I spent 5 minutes on that site and concluded much of what Levi’s conclusions would be. I’d suggest just a few selected links that are significant at that time: ELSA Models Timeline (MUST click on the pic on this page to see the loop):

    [ LEVI — In YouTube comments, I also posted the following suggestion to ADD a TIMESTAMP to your YouTube SUBJECT line. This was posted more for your benefit then everyone else. So if posting my moderated comment above, you may want to strip this out of the comment before posting. And, feel free to EDIT ANY comment I submit, since it makes me look smarter! ]

    Format Suggestion for YouTube TITLE:
    –>> “Hurricane Elsa: 7/2 0044/UTC=2044/EST”
    Since YouTube makes it nearly impossible to easily determine posting TIME, critical for weather or news. (Time recorded is sometimes more significant). Without timestamps, I won’t use the UI on YouTube for anything that is time sensitive, or even date sensitive.

    Only the poster or creator knows which would be more significant to the listener. The posted time and date of a news clip today, of an old news clop that was created two years ago is not helpful at all. Only the CREATED date is important in this case. But, if posting a recording from 40 years ago, the posted and created date is significant. I’d suggest posting both created/posted time and date, or show “unknown”.

  • RV in Gulfport says:

    Thanks Doc! Simply (and still) the best!

  • Steve says:

    Thanks again Levi… We rely on your expertise and plan accordingly.
    It’s a shame that the quality and detail of the TV stations are so lacking… They can not be trusted to deliver accurate and complete info. We here in West-central Florida would be lost without you!

  • William says:

    Thanks Levi, any updates for today planned?

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