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July 2021

[Saturday] Elsa Weaker; Significant Impacts Still Expected in Cuba, Florida, and Southeast U.S.

   Posted by Levi at 6:05pm on July 3, 2021




  • Matt Mattson says:

    Thanks for your no nonsense insights.

  • Anonymous says:

    It shows a video from June 2020….

  • Zina says:

    Thanks for the update Dr. Levi!

  • G says:

    Why is the pressure of the storm higher than a normal storm with winds of 70 mph? Normal pressure for 70 mph winds are generally 989 to 994 mb.

  • Johnnie says:

    What the hell is going on at the national hurricane center? Let’s just start with that question and see where things take us.

    Notice how they’re (NHC) completely discounting the ECMWF.

    Let us also note that during each discussion on this storm, there is a little to no mention of how they are deriving the forecast track. They have completely deviated from the norm of mentioning which model they’re relying on and any consensus or any outlier. As a matter fact in the latest discussion at 11 PM tonight, there is not mention of any single model and, go back and check the 5 PM discussion, and it’s more of the same.

    Again what the hell is going on? Is this a new group of forecasters that don’t want to be challenged? Are they hedging their bets on just guesses?

    Come on Mr. Cohen give us the skinny on what the HELL is happening behind the curtains because if the ECMWF ends up being correct and this storm ends up on the East Coast of Florida, there should be hell to pay including a complete discovery on the NHC

    • Cynthia says:

      Well Said – my sentiments exactly

    • Ben Ellenburg says:

      Not sure why you think Dr Cohen knows what is going on at the NHC – he doesn’t work there.

      In my opinion – this sites observations on tropical storms are second to none

    • Kareem says:

      Looks like a group of new forecasters compared to last year and year before as well.

      • Dave says:

        Right? That original comment didn’t age well. It’s Cowan, not Cohen. Oh, and the GFS has performed admirably during this entire event.

  • G says:

    The hurricane hunters have found a 1011 mb pressure this morning. It seems that Elsa could be opening into a trough as the pressure has been rising the past day. This was discussed in earlier forecasts, but not in more recent forecasts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Biden saved us .16 cents on our 4th of July food. Give them a break

  • Tuck says:

    Is there any way you can mirror your videos to another site so that people like me who consider Facebook and YouTube disgusting sites run by evil people for evil purposes and refuse to go there for any reason? I love your analyses and insights and they have been very important to our family as we live within a mile of the ocean on the east coast of Florida but I can no longer, in good conscience, support these sites in any way. I think I represent a ever growing group of Americans.

  • Potter Shaw says:

    Why is it that I see very little circulation at (1300 july 6) on the sat views? It just looks like a really big disjointed rainstorm.

  • Jack Scott says:

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