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August 2021

[Fri / Aug 20] Henri Expected to Hit New England on Sunday; Grace Nearing Landfall in Mexico

   Posted by Levi at 1:30pm on August 20, 2021




  • LIB says:

    A semi- related question:

    Why do tropical storms lose intensity when they travel over the colder waters north of the gulfstream, yet classic nor’easters “bomb out” as they approach the 40’N 70’W benchmark?


    • Sroc4 says:

      Nor easters bomb out because of the energy injected into them from the mid levels of the atmosphere, mostly 18,000ft up. Tropical storms get their energy from the warm waters of the ocean beneath. So put another way it’s like a Diesel engine vs a Gas driven engine. Two different sources of energy driving their ability to strengthen.

  • Michele says:

    As always, Levi, now Dr. Cowan, speaks with great knowledge, expertise, honesty and clarity. My family is grateful that he is so generous in sharing his meteorological wisdom and acumen with us. We have been keen observers and recipients of his advice, for as long as he has been offering intelligent information to the general public. Thank you!

  • Steve says:

    First of all, congratulations! I’ve been a very minor Patron for a few years and didn’t even realize you’d gotten your degree until today.

    As always, a very clear, calm and frank discussion. Can we interest you in a second career in virology? 😂

    To my ignorant eye it looks like the models continue to hook west even further. I wonder what that means for just a couple miles west of Boston?

  • J says:


    I am glad you addressed what everyone is thinking: Is this going to be like Hurricane Sandy for NY? For those of you that didn’t listen to the whole broadcast: NO!

  • Benjamin says:

    Man, I so respect you and the way you precisely and punctually convey the information and the facts in your videos! You have all of these meteorologists beat in so many ways

  • Paul says:

    Just found out about this website and have already recommended it to several other folks. thanks much for the site! have only listened to two discussions so far but they are clear and to the point. Two thumbs up!

  • Luke Regnier says:

    Thank you king

  • Anonymous says:


  • Brooklyn Heights says:

    ICON model shows Henri may landfall around Brooklyn/Manhattan, GFS shows eastern Long Island. Thoughts on which may be more accurate?

    • Brooklyn Heights says:

      The ICON model also implies the storm will linger in that area for about a day. Hope it’s not the case.

  • Abzeka says:

    Looking forward to a Saturday update? Nervous NY upstater who weathered Irene.

  • Bob says:

    is there an update for Saturday? It’s 336PM

  • David Picker says:

    New visitor to this site. How often does Levi post?

  • Peter Metcalf says:

    Sitting right in front of this event in SE CT. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Dr. Cowen’s presentations for sometime now but this is the first event where it has meant so much to me. Certainly look forward to his final thoughts on Henri. Hope that water just south of LI is cold today!

  • Leroy H. says:

    People better not take this lightly. Skyscrapers, the winds are more intense the higher the floors are. People higher up will be in for it, the high winds hits the buildings, and flows downward towards the ground.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have heard the storm was being sheared when watching television coverage today. The NHC has not mentioned any wind shear from the trough steering the storm. Has there been enough wind shear today to stop the storm from strengthing or did it need more time to form an inner core due the wind shear the storm experienced all week?

  • Ben says:

    From Dr Cowan’s Twitter

    Dr. Levi Cowan
    Today’s video update on #Henri will be out within the next couple hours

    Posted at about 8pm Eastern

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