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September 2019

[Wednesday Evening] Dorian Reorganizing on Approach to South Carolina and North Carolina

   Posted by Levi at 7:09pm on September 4, 2019




  • Henry Weed says:

    Love your site, it’s always informative and succinct and much appreciated! Just wanted to say in this latest video that you keep mentioning Charleston being much further North than it is. It obviously doesn’t change anything, just wanted to let you know. Thanks again, Your time and commitment is invaluable to all of us.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually I take that back. You were right on!

  • Lisa Touvell says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us. You make it very informative and only state the facts without all of the hype. I enjoy listening to you and learn something new with each post. I sent your video to my family who happens to live in Calabash, Shallotte, and Sneads Ferry. God bless you!

  • Rett Newton says:

    Levi, I am a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, Duke University PhD candidate, and the Mayor of historic Beaufort, NC. Your analysis is very informative as the eye of this storm appears heading our way. Please keep us informed. You are making a difference in a county where we are still recovering from Hurricane Florence. Thank you!!

    • yrral says:

      Every city at risk of impacted by an hurricane, should have fulltime weather consultant on retention,so you have days not hours, that a storm watch is issued, chance are another will impact the eastern seaboard, this weekend

  • Joseph says:

    Dorian is strengthening.

  • J says:

    Good evening,Levi. That is one impressive eye on Dorian. Another low key presentation by you. Your profs should just give your PhD now as you have certainly shown your forecasting chops this season.
    I am really worried for the island people. These monster storms are more frequent.Thanks.

  • Tom Strange says:

    As a former AF Meteorologist (Texas A&M-79) and Shuttle launch weather officer (86-90), I enjoy and appreciate your comment and appraisal. I am very proud of the advancement of forecasting since my days in the action. I worked Hugo back in the day when they initially target the cape and I had to go against NHC and predict a turn. Nerve racking to say the least……

  • KC says:

    Thank you from Murrells Inlet!

  • kennedy says:

    Thank you from Wilmington NC!

  • Robert Harper says:

    ZOOM in!! The lastest spaghetti lines are WAY to long

  • Salty Paws says:

    Hi Levi,

    We are on the Outer Banks here and was hoping you would have an update tonight 9/5. I think it’s quite obvious though from what has been reported that we should expect wind, rain, and storm surge. I hope everyone that stayed remains safe and sound.

  • Glori says:

    Been watching every nite. I agree Levi is the best! Wondering if there is a Thursday nite report?

  • Anonymous says:

    Aloha Levi thank you for all your help un learning about hurricane thru your tropical storms tidbits. Mahalos. could you also do an analysis of Typhoon Ling Ling heading to Korea?

  • Michael Vain says:

    I work for a small airline and our in-house meteorologist uses your site, he puts it on screen during our hurricane planning meetings! I love it, I was using the NHC site exclusively, which is of course very informative and timely as well, but your site gives a deeper analysis of the data and detailed information on the computer models.

    Thanks for your efforts and the time you take to put all this together! I’m sure you have saved lives and prevented tons of damage.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m just going to spit this out and see what comments I get back! This Himicane once it passed over the Bahamas was steadily moving north along the east coast. The weather channel had the thing coming on shore as a class 3,4 or even 5 somewhere between Miami and Charleston, SC. It’s stall had stopped and it was moving admittedly slow but not so slow as to dump 10-20 inches of rain anywhere in it’s path. Well, here in the low country of Beaufort County, it passed off shore despite weather channel reports that the winds would be 110 miles an hour and the storm surge 4-7 feet or higher with rain levels 10 inches plus! The ACTUAL happenings were this: Wind gust maybe 35-40 miles per hour. Rain amounts, (more like a “blowing spray” than even a steady drizzle!) that didn’t even pond up much on concrete and asphalt! There was NO storm surge in the downtown Bay area….even at high tide! My hummingbird feeder and potted plants didn’t even fall over! We never lost power! Yet and still we had the Weather Channel gurus saying it was life threatening and dangerous.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same with the Ft. Lauderdale area. I understand this was a complicated forecast but the general media usually waits until there’s a plausible chance of impact before starting the hype. This time they started a week early with no legitimate forecast available.

      Even NHC was significantly wrong on the timing just 2 days out.

      Was frustrating for everyone – public and legit forecasters alike.

  • Annonymous says:

    If you have been following Levi in the past you should know that he never follows through to the end. He leaves just as it approaches an potential impact zone.

    He likes to leave us hanging. He definitely has some issues.

    • clay says:

      To be fair there really wasn’t much left to forecast.

    • Gretchen Gund says:

      Annonymous: You would probably be better served watching your local “If it bleeds, It leads!” TV station rather than visiting this site. Oh! And pay attention to your spell check so you at least spell your name correctly.

  • ed says:

    Annonymous: On 9/3 you praised Levi for his “concise and factual information” and praised him for all his “hard work”. Now you rip him.. the only one with issues is you.. what a DB

    • Anonymous Jack says:

      This site shows forecasts and does a very good job of making it understandable for those of us that are less knowledgeable. However, if there is no change to the forecast then there doesn’t need to be an update (other than to make us feel better).

      Levi’s forecast analysis and explanations are some of the best I’ve seen and I truly appreciate them. But if you want up-to-the-minute information on what/where is being impacted at that moment, this is not your site.

      Keep up the good work Levi!

  • Anonymous says:

    He does a fantastic job. He is well informed and does a great job of giving us his informed opinion. The end result may vary from that occasionally as it is weather. Keep up the great work been enjoying your informative post since Wilma days.

  • Annonymous says:

    You keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Especially “Clay” “To be fair there really wasn’t much left to forecast.”

    Tell that to the residents in NC that were torn up by tornadoes from Dorian. Or those on Ocracoke Island that had to be air lifted to safety because of flooding. Nova Scotia……please.

    Now its the 11th and he hasn’t changed the home page. Typical MO for him.

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